Improve Project Profitability

Project Financial Management Tools for Architects and Engineers


Within a few months, Fresh Projects helped us to be significantly more profitable.

Peter Stokes, Partner, DHK Architects

Ryan McGarrie

Associate Director, Space Zero



  • .

  • Fee calculations

  • Lead management

  • Task Management

  • Knowledgebase support


Standard User: R135

Project Manager: R320

Administrator: R650

per active user per month


  • everything in STARTER

  • Timesheets & Expense Claims

  • Approvals Process

  • Cost Forecasting

  • Resource planning

  • Client billing

  • Time-off management

  • Xero / Sage integration

  • Ticket based & Telephonic support


Back Office Service



Contact Sales

  • everything in PROFESSIONAL

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Bookkeeping service

  • Legal review of contracts

  • Debtors management

  • PI insurance

prices exclude VAT


No Lock In

  • month to month subscription, cancel at any time

Assisted Onboarding

  • we will help you go live in days

Pay only for what you need

  • each user's license type is based on features used

Pay only for what you use

  • charges are based on previous month's active users

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I pay by Credit Card

    Yes, we accept all credit cards.

  • Can I receive an invoice and pay by bank transfer?

    Yes, but only if your subscription is for more than 10 users.

  • How will we be billed if employees join or leave?

    Your subscription fee is calculated monthly based on the number of active employees in the previous month.

  • What is the contract term? How can I cancel?

    Your subscription is month to month. Simply drop support an email and we will close your account.

  • What does onboarding cost?

    Onboarding is free. We will load all your existing projects and employees into Fresh Projects within a few days of receiving your information. Read more about our onboarding process here.

  • How long does it take to get onboarded and using the system ?

    This usually depends on how long it takes for you to collate all your project and people data - but we typically go live within 2-3 weeks. Read more about our onboarding process here.

  • Do I need to pay for training?

    No. We break training into three main items:

    1) Standard User training is done by circulating a customised 2-3 minute video on how to login and complete timesheets and expense claims.

    2) Project Manager training is completed in two dedicated 2-hour sessions via video conference.

    3) Financial Integration (PROFESSIONAL only) is done via a single 1 hour training session over video conference and ongoing dedicated one on one support until the financial team is comfortable with the integration.

  • Can we import our historic timesheets ?

    Yes, we can import all your historic timesheets so that your Fresh Projects account servers as a central database of effort expended on all your projects. We do however charge a small fee for the import process to cover our costs.

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